"I have always been very ambitious for theology. I want to bring it out of the closet, or the scholar's den, and into the world where people wrestle with the problems which radically affect their lives and the lives of those around them. When they do this, time and again, they find that theology is a tool which leads to radically new ways of seeing things - and new ways of living!"


I've been honoured by Leonardo Boff, one of the great Liberation Theologians of Latin America, who has graciously described my own work as ~ "authentic liberation theology set within the English-speaking context: it takes instances of human experience, analyses them, reflects theologically and proposes practical ideas for transformation."

THE TEACHING OF JESUS  sprang from real situations - a rich young man who wanted to know whom to help, a woman caught in adultery, rivalry and ambition among his followers; his teaching also sprang from the religious tradition he knew well. In my own writings on theology I have sought to show how theology today can similarly spring from the meeting of real situations with our Christian treasures of bible and tradition - and I've  explained how to do this using a Cyclical model - similar to that which was simultaneously developed in Latin America.

Leonardo Boff


Here are a few links to papers, talks, sermons etc which demonstrate how theology can help us make sense of the world around us. (More to come)

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