Laurie Green was born and bred in the East End of London.

His studies took him first to Birmingham, then to London University and from there on to New York, where he gained his Masters degree. He returned to England to live and study at St Augustine's College, Canterbury, before being ordained to serve in Kingstanding, a vast housing estate in Birmingham, an industrial city in the West Midlands in the heart of England. He stayed in Birmingham for twenty years. Whilst in parish ministry he was also Industrial Chaplain to the Tubes Works of British Steel, now Corus.

He also spent seven years of his ministry as Principal of the Aston Training Scheme, a national community of theological study, preparing men and women for Anglican theological colleges and courses.

Laurie then returned to his native East End as Team Rector of Poplar - the site of Canary Wharf and the Docklands development. The parish thereby became the location of extreme wealth cheek by jowl with abject poverty.

He was consecrated Bishop on 23 February 1993, the Feast of St Polycarp, in Westminster Abbey, to serve as Bishop of Bradwell in the Diocese of Chelmsford. He became known internationally as co-founder with Dr Andrew Davey of the Anglican Network on Global Urbanisation and Lead Bishop on Issues of Regeneration and Development. He chaired the Church of England's Consultative Group for Urban Strategy and remains the Chair of the National Estate Churches Network.

His special interest in Liberation Theology and Ministerial Formation has led to many invitations to speak and write on those subjects and with his inovative globalised perspective on Urban Theology he is a recognised author around the world. He has a special concern for the poor of South India and is a co-founder of the charity: Friends of the Poor in South India.

His interest in community prayer and Benedictine Spirituality continues and he is currently Bishop Visitor to a  Benedictine community of nuns in Great Britain. See more about St Mary's Abbey community on He celebrates his 20th anniversary of consecration on 23rd February 2012 and will be with the Benedictine Community on that day.

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Bishop Laurie's unusual Pectoral Cross and Episcopal Ring

Bishop Laurie is always being asked about the pectoral cross he wears, and which appears at the head of each page of this website. The cross was once the symbol of the Anglican province of India, Burma, Pakistan and Ceylon. The design was first discovered in Sri Lanka during an archaelogical survey, and it would appear that it must have been brought to the Indian subcontinent by Persian Christian traders. Some see in the shape that surrounds the cross the lotus blossom, whilst others believe that it represents fire, which is a potent symbol of life-force often found in Persian religions. It ceased to be the Provincial symbol when the ecumenical Church of South India was formed.

This beautiful cross was given to Bishop Laurie by his dear friend Mr Nadir Dinshaw who grew up in Karachi as a Parsi, but became a Christian later in life. He was a man of considerable intellect and learning who had a great devotion to Our Lady, the mother of Jesus, and extensive knowledge of other faiths. He prayed earnestly that the Church of England should retain and enhance its name for having a broad and welcoming heart. He gave himself to his friends and to the many charities and radical ideas that he espoused. Nadir died in January 2003, leaving a rich international heritage of friends who had been inspired by his insights, wisdom and compassion. One of Bishop Laurie's books is dedicated to Nadir.

Bishop Laurie's Episcopal Ring was designed and made by one of the foremost of today's Bristish silversmiths, Michael Bolton, who was a good friend of Bishop Laurie's for many years. He died in 2004. Rebecca Green, Laurie's daughter, served her apprenticeship with Michael Bolton and now makes gold and silver jewellery on commission.

Laurie in the USA in 1968 - the year of the revolutions and the hippies!

Laurie now enjoys playing classical guitar and is learning more about swing jazz guitar from a brilliant new tutor in Bexhill where he now lives. Jay Myerson runs the Music Room in Bexhill. You can see more about Jay on