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As one of the longest serving bishops in the present Church of England Laurie Green has many bones to pick with the institution he serves. He says he that he is still aware of the classist attitudes of its leadership and fights to see the oppression of the downtrodden and marginalised groups ended. He stays true to the Church of England because day by day he sees the beauty of what local Christian congregations are doing for the everyday lives of their communities and what some of our church leaders are offering to the community and nation at large. He applauds those who speak out for justice and the needs of the poor here and across the world and welcomes what he sees as the genius of Anglicanism – its inclusivity – even though that openness has to be fought for day by day, especially in today’s globalised atmosphere. The Church’s mission must be conformed to God’s mission – Archbishop Rowan Williams defines mission as finding out what God is doing in the world and then joining God there.


Urban Ministry and the Kingdom of God, SPCK, 2003, ISBN 0-281-05530-0

With 90 per cent of the UK population now living in urban and suburban environments, the need for a practicable theology that can be applied in our cities and towns has never been greater. Laurie Green, a published author in the field of contextual theology, seeks to meet that need here. He begins with an overview of the history of urban ministry and notes what radical change has occurred in recent years. He then reflects on past and present urban development and ministry, in the light of the Gospels. Finally, he asks how those in ministry should respond to the delights and challenges that the urban world now provides.

Urban Ministry and the Kingdom of God is an accessible and enjoyable resource for students of urban ministry and mission, and essential reading for all those living and working in an urban or suburban setting.

Contents and Structure of this Book:

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